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*** 5% of All Sophistipaws Sales Donated to Many Tears Animal Rescue Charity ***
5% of All Sales Donated to Many Tears Animal Rescue Charity

We Support Many Tears Animal Rescue Charity

About Many Tears Animal Rescue 

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is in Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. We adopted our very own cavapoo Daisy Doodle from them when they rescued her from an Irish puppy farm after 5 years of hell as a breeder kept in terrible conditions. Barkley was rescued by Many Tears when he was discarded by a puppy farm at 8 months old and was adopted by a family but we adopted him from them at the age of 4 as their hme environment was not sufficient for his needs and he had developed aggression.

Many Tears rescue and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer of use, discarded puppies, those on "death row" in dog pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them for whatever reason.

They are a unique rescue in that the majority of the dogs are ex-breeders and most have never seen the outside world before and have lived in appalling conditions. With the help of staff, fosterers and other volunteers MTAR provide a special, loving environment to help all the dogs adapt and find permanent, loving new homes. All potential adopters are interviewed and homes vetted to find the right home for each dog. The rescue has grown considerably since it first opened and now rehomes in excess of 3,000 dogs a year.

All rescued dogs are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, innoculated and wormed but in addition to this they receive many dogs in need of specialist veterinary care. Many dogs who arrive at MTAR have eye and heart problems, liver shunts, joint problems and even malformations caused by poor breeding. All treatment is financed by donations to the rescue which enable them to ensure each dog receives the specialist care it needs.

In November 2020 Many Tears Animal Rescue became a registered charity. (No: 1192227)

Sophistipaws is a passionate supporter of MTAR and an avid and outspoken campaigner for the abolition of puppy farms. The trend for designer breeds such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles etc (which has exploded during the COVID 19 pandemic, has fuelled a lucrative business where puppies can reach sale prices of £3000 despite effectively being a crossbreed.

Sadly when buying that cute puppy from an unlicensed breeder people don't realise the horrific back story to the parents of these puppies and the conditions they are forced to endure. It is a money business and pays no interest to the welfare of the dogs providing that income and at the end of their use they are discarded in inhumane ways. 

A percentage of all sales on a monthly basis goes to support MTAR so that can carry on their amazing work and make sure that these dogs are given the help to live the lives they deserve and to adapt to life in a normal,loving environment of kindness and compassion.