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My name is Tamazin and I'm the brainchild behind Sophistipaws with my gorgeous rescue Cockapoo and Cavapoos Barkley Bear and Daisy as my inspiration. They’re the loves of my life. 

After coming seconds from losing my life in 2018 following a series of traumas I was left suffering with crippling PTSD which changed my life forever...having previously been a high flying international banker now left penniless with no family, it has been a very lengthy and painful few years.

Some days are great.. others terrifying due to flashbacks but my dogs have been my strength and remain glued to my side.

On my worst of days I only have to look at my gorgeous Daisy who spent 5 long years of hell in an Irish puppy farm as a breeder to realise that life is precious and there is always a silver lining however dark it may seem at some points. 

With the help of my best friend and my heart Robert, I'm gradually glueing my shattered life back together and decided to embark on a creative new road which combined my love of British quality crafts and pets to try and build a new future and ta! da! Sophistipaws was born. 

I was lucky enough to have an amazingly talented mum who was a whizz at crafts and being able to carry on her legacy after losing her to cancer in 2011 and hand make beautiful things for fellow pet lovers who appreciate quality is very rewarding and my therapy. 

I have the privilege of collaborating with great partners like Paul and Delia at on my furniture and Margy's Made of Kent who makes our fantastic dog coats.

I hope my pooches and I are an inspiration to others out there who may be battling trauma and PTSD and most of all I hope you love my things and will support me to turn Sophistipaws into a fantastic venture..its early days but from every small acorn they say...!! 

So remember ... Be happy, Keep your head up to the sky and never ever give up even if life deals you massive wrecking balls.. a smile and a kind word is all you need to make someone's day..never forget could save a life x

Loads of love Tamazin, Barkley Bear and Daisy and remember .....