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*** All Profits Donated To The Daisy's Voice Campaign to Fight For The Welfare Of Puppy Farm Dogs ***
All Go To Help Puppy Farmed Dogs


My name is Tamazin and Sophistipaws is my hobby with my furry apprentices my gorgeous rescue Cockapoo Barkley Bear and Cavapoo Daisy (who I heartbreakingly lost to cancer at the age of 6 1/2 in May 2021) plus Molly the Shichon as my inspiration. They're My Furry Babies and My World. 

After coming seconds from losing my life in September 2018 following a catastrophic trauma I have been left suffering with crippling PTSD and anxiety which has changed my life forever. Having previously been a high flying international banker to then be left penniless and without family it was a huge blow.

It has been a very lengthy and heartbreaking few years of therapy and rebirth but every day I am blessed to be here fighting the fight.

Some days are fantastic..others not so great but my dogs have been my strength and my constant companions. My love for them transcends anything I've ever known and theirs for me. 

On my worst of days I only had to look at my gorgeous Daisy who spent 5 long years of hell and abuse in an Irish puppy farm as a breeder to remember that anything can be overcome and there is always a silver lining. She was my shining beacon of light.

The loss of Daisy hurts acutely every day because it was so unjust what happened to her but I made her a promise before she closed her eyes for the last time that I would tirelessly fight for justice for her and all the other dogs out there like her suffering unspeakable abuse in puppy farms.

I have made it my mission to bring attention to the horrors of puppy farming and the loopholes in the laws that are being blatantly exploited by puppy farmers. Lucy's Law was touted as a law that would stop the horrors of puppy farming but has in reality has made it far, far worse.

I am now launching the Daisy's Voice Campaign ( to bring about legislation that councils must adhere to a strict set of licence specifications on puppy farms and to demand extensive routine quarterly inspections by an appointed vet, a fully reported history on each dog and puppy and the permanent revocation of licences of puppy farmers committing animal cruelty at their premises. Currently they are hardly inspected and the rules are not fit for purpose.

Do follow and the Daisy's Voice Prize Giveaway on Crowdfunder UK when they launch and back me in getting justice for my baby girl and helping the thousands of other dogs and puppies like her who are tortured and abused in the name of supplying the huge number of people paying extortionate prices for puppies. Puppy farming is a money business.

My girl deserved a much better and longer life than the one she was cruelly dealt and her absence is agony. Cancer stole my mother and then took my baby girl... Life can be so cruel.

"It Only Takes One Voice At The Right Pitch To Start An Avalanche"

Dianna Hardy

My beautiful baby girl Daisy Doodle  Oct 2014- May 2021

 I hope the story of myself and Daisy is an inspiration to others out there who may be battling trauma and / or PTSD or have lost a dog. I know there are many. Most of all,  I hope you love my things and will help support me with Daisy's Voice and in turning Sophistipaws from a hobby into a fantastic's early days but from every small acorn

As a final note. Remember... Be positive, keep your head up to the sky and NEVER give up even if life deals you a massive wrecking ball..

A smile and a kind word is all you need to make someone's day..never forget could save a life.. it certainly saved mine and has allowed me to save abused dogs x

Loads of love Tamazin, Barkley Bear, Molly and Daisy the Angel xx


My gorgeous Barkley Bear and Daisy Doodle in their Cosymutt Coats enjoying their favourite place Southsea Beach in Portsmouth, UK