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All Proceeds Go To Help Puppy Farmed and Rescued Dogs


My name is Tami and I'm a puppy farm campaigner and founder of Daisy's Voice, a group of passionate dog loving friends and rescuers with a sole mission to bring an end to puppy farming and to clean up the abysmal system of local authorities licensing large scale breeding factories. 

Sophistipaws is my hobby with my furry apprentices The Kuddly Krew who are all rescues. 

The Kuddly Krew are:

My gorgeous boy Cockapoo Barkley Bear 5,

Shitzu ex puppy farm breeder girl Molly 4,

Cavachon ex puppy farm breeder girl Pixie 4 and

Finley our crazy, loving Romanian Heinz 57 pup (affectionately nicknamed wrecking ball due to his habit of running full pelt at everything and munching everything in sight.. preferably flip flops!)

They're My Furry Babies and My World. 

My Inspiration

We sadly lost our beautiful Cavapoo Daisy (the inspiration behind the forthcoming Daisy's Voice non profit charity, campaign and book) in May 2021 after a 2 month battle with aggressive mammary cancer.

She was used as a breeding machine in an Irish puppy farm for 5 long years of hell before she was discarded to a rescue. 

Sadly mammary lumps that were removed when she was spayed weren't sent off for biopsy by Many Tears Animal Rescue Wales. Their later quotes "they didn't deem it necessary" (despite the fact it robbed her of the treatment and longer life she could potentially have received)

When I later asked (at the request of Daisy’s oncologist) why mammary lumps hadn't been sent off for testing when she was spayed I was told quite curtly by the actual owner of the rescue “she probably had it when you got her" and "if we sent every lump we removed from ex breeders we'd be out of business" !!

Wow such compassion! Suffice to say I'm no longer a supporter and frankly haven't got a decent word to say about them and their questionable activities with puppy farmers in Ireland.  

Daisy had no symptoms, she was the happiest little dog in the world, loved the beach, loved the forest, loved us. It was only after we discovered a lump on her side, had it removed and an MRI done post surgery that the devastating extent of the disease was shown in all its gruesome reality.

She began palliative chemo on March 31st 2021. We had to put her to rest two months later, her little body ravaged by the cancer that had fed so hungrily on all the hormones from her years as a breeding machine.

All those years making a puppy farmer tens of thousands of pounds only to be tossed away, traumatised and fearful with zero value and hope… not micro chipped, no history, no value.

 To love her was a privilege and she will be burned into my heart forever. 

This is Daisy.. she was 6 1/2 years old 


My Story

After coming seconds from losing my life in September 2018 following a series of catastrophic traumas I have been left suffering with crippling Complex PTSD flashbacks and anxiety which has changed my life forever.

Having previously been a high flying international banker to be left with a severe mental illness, penniless and without family was a huge blow to my life.

It has been a lengthy few years of therapy and rebirth but every day I am blessed to be here fighting the fight for my babies and Daisy.

With PTSD some days are fantastic, others awful, but my dogs are my strength and my constant companions. My love for them transcends anything I've ever known and theirs for me. 

I only had to look at my gorgeous Daisy and her resilience and trust on my worst days to realise there is always a silver lining.

She was and will always remain my shining beacon of light.

The loss of Daisy hurts acutely every day because it was so unjust what happened to her but I made her a promise before she closed her eyes for the last time that I would tirelessly fight for justice for her, Molly, Pixie and all the million other dogs out there suffering abuse and cruelty imprisoned in UK puppy farms. The fact that so many of these places are licensed by UK councils is appalling and the law needs to change and fast. 

My Mission

I have made it my mission to bring attention to the horrors of puppy farming and the loopholes in the laws that are being blatantly exploited by puppy farmers. Lucy's Law was touted as a law that would stop the horrors of puppy farming but has in reality has made it far, far worse.

Puppy farmers now actively sell puppies (many who are sick or have issues) and even ex breeders online on marketplaces such as Gumtree, PetsforHomes, Preloved etc. as family pets to an unsuspecting public who get mesmorised by the idea of having a dog. They're even using the "rescue" loophole to sell dogs as "adoptions". The law urging people only to buy from licensed breeders isn't really much use when so many ARE licensed by Councils who have little or no adequate training in dog breeding laws. 

I am launching the Daisy's Voice Campaign ( to fight for legislative change on puppy farms including a maximum cap of 20 dogs and fines for non adherence to the Animal Welfare Act.

Councils are handing out licences for 100-1000 adult dogs like sweets annually with little regard for the intolerable abuse contained in these battery farms nor the poor adherence to the Dog Breeding Act and the Animal Welfare Acts. The RSPCA does a lot but are pretty powerless to prosecute licensed factory farm dog breeders. 

Wales and Ireland are by far the worst. 

Quote  "It Only Takes One Voice At The Right Pitch To Start An Avalanche" Dianna Hardy

Do follow us at and social media when we launch and back us in getting justice for these innocent dogs who are tortured and abused for money. Puppy farming is about Greed and it has to Stop.

My girl deserved a much better and longer life than the one she was cruelly dealt and her absence is agony. Cancer stole my mother and then took my baby is a brutal disease that leaves carnage in its tracks.

 My beautiful baby girl Daisy Doodle  Oct 2014- May 2021

I hope the story of myself and Daisy is an inspiration to others out there who may be battling trauma / PTSD or have lost a dog. I know there are many thousands .

Most of all, I hope you love my creations and will help support Daisy's Voice. 

As a final note. Remember... Be positive, keep your head up to the sky and NEVER give up even if life deals you the worst trials to bear.

A smile and a kind word is all you need to make someone's day.. never forget could save someone's life. A kind Doctor saved mine and that kindness has given me a new purpose dedicated to giving puppy farmed dogs a voice.

Loads of love Tami, Barkley Bear, Molly, Pixie, Finley and Daisy the Angel xx


Barkley Bear and Daisy Doodle (April 2021) enjoying Southsea Beach in Portsmouth, UK